Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am thankful that I can't predict the future, and not always know how my day will end. My planning and organized self has had to simply start going with the flow, and carry on no matter what the day will bring.
Today, I was hoping to catch up on some Christmas shopping and work as Jacob had his nurse with him. I didn't get far with my plan as Sarah's school called and told me she was vomiting in art class! She looked pretty miserable when I picked her up, and has not been up too much all day long.
We went on with our day, but also had to fight seizures as the day progressed. Jacob basically seized every 3 hours. Between Jacob's seizures, Sarah's vomiting, and cleaning up from the vomiting, Joakim and I decided that we probably should take Jacob to the ER tonight. We knew that we would end up here sooner or later, and really had no more meds to give him safely at home.
As I talked to Jacob's nurse late at night tonight, she said that she was amazed that I just carry on. I realize that I don't even think about it any longer. I have learned to shift gear so quickly that I am almost surprised when a day plans out the way I thought it would. It just doesn't happen very often.
Tonight, I am hoping we can see an end to the seizures and stomach bug. Tonight, I am hoping that Sarah will feel better in the morning, so she can participate in her choir concert tomorrow night. But no matter what, I will carry on.
Love, Maria.

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