Friday, January 28, 2011


There is a movement. There is a path. There are little miracles in the making. Little by little, step by step.
We're a group of friends and family, who find time in our busy lives to talk and make Mito energy. We do it from our hearts and souls. It is personal, even if the cause is so much larger. We all have our desires and drives why this is so important. Often a loved one is the driving force.
We want to make sure that no family sits in the doctor's office, and gets the diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disorder, and gets handed a web address to an organization on the East Coast with no local presence. Oh yes - there was an e-mail address for Colorado, but it doesn't matter how many times you write, there will never be an answer back. You're alone on your journey knowing that there is no cure or treatment for the diagnosis that was just handed to you. You're alone.
Today, I am surrounded by Mito families that have found their way in to my life, but it was a search and sometimes pure coincidence that we met, like seeing a boy in the hospital one evening and thinking that he looks way too similar to Jacob to not have the same disorder my son does. Bingo! Or a mom's article that just spoke straight to my heart, finding out later that her daughter had the same disorder Jacob has. Bingo!
My dear friend Heather Schichtel ( founded Miracles for Mito, which is a non-profit organization committed to mitochondrial disease education, awareness and support. "No one should ever walk this journey alone".
We're working with the Mito Clinic at Children's Hospital to make sure all new families getting this diagnosis can immediately connect with other families in their neighborhood. As time goes by, we want to partner with them on education and awareness in the community.
We want to be there for the families in any shape of form, let it be a support meeting, let it be a conversation on-line or a personal phone call. Whatever works at each step of this journey.
We're busy planning our fundraising activities for the year. The big event being an awareness walk in the fall. Step by step, but with the power of the people behind this movement, it will happen. I am confident. I am excited. I am not alone. Little by little we will be creating miracles. Miracles for Mito.
Love, Maria.
P.S. If anyone wants to get involved or want to know more about upcoming fundraisers, just let me know!

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