Thursday, April 14, 2011


I can't believe it's only Thursday. As I woke up this morning, I was sure it was Saturday, but not just yet. Instead I woke up to wet snow coming down to the ground...spring snow!
It has been hard to adjust back to Jacob being in and out of the hospital, and so quickly getting sick. We have had such good seizure control, and we have now had two Sundays in a row with long seizures accompanied with respiratory viruses. It was hard to balance hospital life with work and Sarah's schedule again. It was close to impossible to sleep in the hospital after no practice for a long time. It was hard to get into the whole hospital rhythm again. It is hard to do nothing sometimes!
At the same time, we're happy that both hospital stays were quick. We're happy that Jacob seems to be recovering well after the second round. We're happy about the wonderful nurses on the 8th floor, and how they make us feel "special" as we come in. We're happy the attending works with me outside the hospital room, and that Jacob's neurologist was attending both times he was in. It gives us all the odds for as quick of a stay as possible.
I was therefore a bit surprised by "the mother of all mothers", also called Dr. E yesterday. She has been pretty relaxed with Jacob this winter, since we have stayed away from the hospital. With two hospital stays within a week, it changed. I was not ready for one of her serious conversations about Jacob's future and life yesterday, and how she is concerned that this might be a new pattern we have to deal with. She had her concerned look the whole appointment, and made sure to let me know that her cell phone was still going to be on over passover in case Jacob needs her. She will take a break from her cooking in case the little guy needs her.
Gemma and I had rubbed Jacob's feet really good before Dr. E. came in to see him, since the week before she got all worked up about his little toes being blue. It's not great, but we are sort of used to Jacob's poor circulation, and know that a good foot rub will change that.
Yesterday, we had done everything we possibly could to make sure Jacob looked stellar. We were actually both happy with his color, breathing, and overall look! Dr. E commented that he looked good, and that he had slimmed down a little bit. I think it was his black outfit that made him look slim myself.
But there is always something Dr. E. can find. As Gemma was suctioning him, Dr. E. suddenly got concerned about his BLUE face color! Gemma and I decided that it was best not to argue, but there was nothing blue in that face, if anything a tint of red from working really hard.
So, we're hoping we're right and can continue to keep Jacob healthy, and that Dr. E's concerns can disappear as spring comes in full bloom. Mother's Day is after all around the corner.
Love, Maria.

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