Sunday, May 8, 2011


We're home again. I guess that was the best gift for Mother's Day this year. Jacob is definitely still sick. Tons of secretions, and low energy, but it is with gratitude we are now hanging out in the backyard on the therapy mat despite the suction machine and oxygen tank following us along.
Sarah is also getting her energy back. People has told her that she looks "tough" with all her scratches, and she likes that! She is playing tennis with dad in the alley, and is enjoying herself again.
The Children's Hospital hosted a Mother's Day brunch in their cafeteria today. It was nothing to write home about, but it was a nice gesture.
We then relaxed in Jacob's room until they were ready to discharge him. Leaving the hospital with Jacob always gives me a good feeling. Today was no different except the fact that I knew as we walked out the door that one of our Mito friends was getting admitted. That didn't leave me with a very good feeling.
I also received two hand made cards from Sarah today - one from her, and one from Jacob. She never forgets her brother. Jacob had also worked hard on his love letters to mommy with Gemma this week. I got a beautiful envelope with a big heart, and 10 cards in it. Each card having Jacob's hand print in a bright color on it, and with a special message on the back of each handprint. That is definitely a keeper!
So, we're now hanging in the backyard for a bit. The plans to plant the garden will be saved for another weekend!
Happy Mother's day to you all!
Much love, Maria.
P.S. Check back later today as I am hoping to post some pictures from today!

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