Friday, May 20, 2011


We're back in the ER tonight after Jacob having been sick for the last two days. We first thought Jacob was dealing with constipation after not being able to go for 3 days. We then thought that maybe he had caught a stomach bug, since he vomited. But then he got a fever and seizures last night...

I can only say that I am happy we didn't get the message about the tornado warning in the middle of a heart rate of 190 yesterday or our nurse would have had to move Jacob down in our basement with his oxygen tank and suction machine. Not the place to be in the middle of us having a house full of contractors working on finishing the basement!

Today, Jacob was definitely sick, but no fever or seizures. A little tiny step in the right direction. We talked to Jacob's clinic, and decided to wait to go in til tomorrow when Dr. E. is back again. It felt like a good plan...until Sarah and I came home from her choir concert, and realized that Jacob's heart rate was high again...and yes that fever was back once again.

We knew that whatever Jacob had wouldn't go away on it's own. We packed up the car including all my stuff, since we knew he would be admitted. Sarah got excited that she would have to come along, since Jacob needed someone with him in the back of the car. She packed 3 bags with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to bring for the ride! All excited to not have to go to bed!

This is one of those ER stays that has gone extremely smooth though. We were in the trauma unit within minutes. The attending doc was taken care of Jacob last time, so knew everything about his recent pneumonia. Labs and chest x-rays were ordered right away, and very quickly, we got the sad news that Jacob's pneumonia looks worse than the last time. For some reason, the antibiotics didn't do their job. He is now on IV antibiotics, and we will most likely also go home on IV antibiotics.

In the middle of Jacob being really sick again, I am so happy I made it to Sarah's choir concert tonight. It was an awesome ending to the school year. It was great to see them all sing an old time favorite "Don't Stop Believin" with just the perfect dance moves! It is still stuck in my head accompanying Jacob's breathing as he is now in deep sleep.

There is no word yet, if we can get a bed tonight or not. The hospital is full once again. Jacob is on a priority list, since he needs to get on his bi-pap tonight. At least, I got a more comfortable chair to sit in. And I do have my laptop, my book, and my black licorice with me! We all have our priorities.

Send positive thoughts that we can get rid of this pneumonia once and for all! And that garden of ours won't get planted this weekend either.

Love, Maria.

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