Sunday, May 1, 2011


It’s me. I have stayed quiet for a while, so thought it is my turn to take over the blog for a change.

I have had a good week – how can you not after receiving so good news on my heart? I was worried as well as the rest of my family…and I have just kept smiling after we received the news on Monday!

I have also been busy this week. Sarah and I participate in an art exhibition for children in Boulder each year. We had to submit our art work on Friday, so I have been painting with the help of Sarah, Gemma, and mom. I had a lot of fun with all kinds of paints all week long!

I have also created a book for my teacher. She went through some serious health issues, and I just wanted to let her know how brave she is. Gemma patiently helped me to create the story, the illustrations, and we put it all together! It turned out awesome! I am so proud of my first book I have created. I couldn't have done it without Gemma. She never gives up on me.

It is also that time again when the school district wants to evaluate what school I should go to. We had one meeting this week, and we have another one tomorrow when they will watch me doing therapy in the pool at my school. It will be interesting for us to see what they think. They sort of told us that they feel they can meet my social and academic needs, but not so sure about my medical needs…We’ll see what comes out of it! For me, it doesn’t matter that much, since I have already decided to stay at Bal Swan for another year. No rush to kindergarten on my end.

My night nurse is in France vacationing, which always makes me a bit nervous! They have found a good backup for me this time, so I have been able to catch up on sleep well this past week.

I think that’s it for now. I am hoping my next blog entry will be about me being back in school again. I am SO ready to go!!!

Much love, Jacob.

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