Saturday, May 28, 2011


It's me. I am home again. I came home on Thursday, and I have felt a little bit better each day. I still have a little less energy than normal. Sometimes I cough a little bit more. Sometimes I twitch a bit more. I am on oxygen to give me a little help to breathe. I am still on IV antibiotics 5 times a day. We're hoping that will take care of this bad pneumonia on both sides of my lungs. We're all hoping when we stop the antibiotics tomorrow night that I won't get sick again. Keep your fingers crossed!

My sis is out of school for 81 days, and I already love it! Sarah is always more relaxed when she can go about her time the way she wants rather than being scheduled from morning til evening. She jumps from game to game and then back again! No one has to ask her to read, she just reads when she wants. She just cuddles with me when she wants to, not when she is not in school. And she got a new big bike today - purple and silver! She is flying through the neighborhood on that big bike!

Last night, my sis opted to stay home with me over a sleepover. I couldn't believe it, but she missed me when I was in the hospital this time. We had a Mr. Bean night - and I haven't heard sis laugh so hard in a very long time! She has a sense for British humor after all!

This morning after breakfast we cuddled on the couch, and I couldn't help falling asleep in her lap. She sat in the same position for 1,5 hours, so I could get my nap in. That is quite a sister! Mom and dad didn't complain about her getting some nintendo time in at the same time she was watchine me :-

A nice surprise was waiting for me at home! My bathroom has been remodeled. I now have a big big shower where my bath chair fits perfectly! I am also getting a ramp built, so as I get the wheels on my bath chair I can get rolled into my shower! It's perfect! The rest of the family thinks I have the nicest bath in the house now!

We all also got the good news that the school district will find a way to keep me at Bal Swan for another year! Yeah! Yeah! They listened to my mom, Gemma, and Mrs. Britney after all! We'll find out the details next week, but it is a go!

And my aunt Jenny is arriving this evening. I made her a welcome card that we have put next to her bed. I will be sound asleep when she arrives, but I can't wait to see her tomorrow morning when I wake up!

To summer!

With much love, Jacob.

P.S. And a big sincere thanks to my fav nurses on the 8th floor! You always make me feel very special! I have to tell you that my mom didn't listen to you...she shaved my hair today

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