Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Jacob gave us all a scare this morning. The respiratory therapist came in at 5:30 am this morning. I heard her the minute she came in, looked at my watch, and was happy that it was closer to 6 am than 4 am.

I am blind when I don't have my contact lenses on. I heard an alarm from the bi-pap machine, but didn't think much about it. I went to the bathroom. As I came out, I could just sense that something wasn't right. I grabbed my glasses, and realized that Jacob was on an ambu bag!!! His oxygen level was 85! The respiratory therapist told me she had called the Rapid Response Team. This is a team that any staff or parent can call when they have a medical emergency or thinks a child is not getting the medical attention they need. I knew she had done the right thing.

Within a minute, we had a room of 10+ people. The doctor in charge knows Jacob very well. She took over the ambu bag, the ICU nurse took over the suctioning, one nurse got his Ativan (since he had a seizure). It took a while to stabilize Jacob. He just had too many secretions to breathe. The seizure didn't help his breathing.

The word "intubation" didn't come up, but I knew it was in the room. It is interesting how I sort of know the "inside" language between doctors now. The dialogue between the ICU doctor and the floor doctor told me that they were assessing, if Jacob had to go to the ICU or not.

We're still on the 8th floor, and Jacob is stable right now. I did feel Jacob was getting worse yesterday afternoon after they swapped one of the IV antibiotics to oral. I requested that going back to IV again, and I think that is now the plan.

So, we have to see how today goes, and discharge won't happen today...

Wishing, hoping for a quiet day after waking up to quite the scare.

Love, Maria.

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