Monday, July 4, 2011


It's me. I got to celebrate 4th of July from home! I haven't been home for this holiday since I was 2 years old! This is always the holiday I get my oculogyrical crises and I end up in the ICU on a Versed drip. My family knows more about how the nurses in the ICU celebrate 4th of July than our own family's traditions for this holiday! It was time for a change.

We started our holiday weekend with all going up to the pool on Friday night! I got my first dip in the pool, and oh boy did I enjoy it! I haven't used my abs in a long time, and I could feel them when my mom was swinging my body back and forth in the water! This is also the place my mom and I connect the most, being in the water together, we both enjoy it very much together.

Yesterday, we all went swimming again, and I was in the water for an hour! I wasn't used to the sun and hot air, so fell asleep the minute I got up, and took a 2 hours nap in the backyard!

We also have hung out with friends each day this weekend, and I always enjoy when we all sit down together, and take it a bit slower. Tonight we all went over to our neighbors for a BBQ. When it was time for fireworks, mom and I went home, and Sarah and daddy went out with our neighbors. Sarah was excited!

This week, our dear photographer MB also came to our house and spent some time with us in the backyard taking pictures. If you want to check them out, go to:

Some are a bit goofy too, but I like them!

It has been great to be home. It has been great to not have long seizures this past week. It's great to not have to deal with pneumonias, and all those antibiotics. It is great that I can slowly start enjoying my summer!!! I am SO ready!!!

To more summer days in the pool!

Much love,

Your Jacob.

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