Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The boys are home while the girls took off for Europe. The girls’ flight over the Atlantic went well. Sarah woke up at 2 am, and decided to chat with mom for the rest of the flight! They had a long lay over in Frankfurt, and used the time to relax and catch up on sleep. Sarah even found a friend at the airport to play with for a couple of hours.

A good 24 hours after they left home, they were finally at my grandparents’ house outside Oslo, Norway. They now have a day to relax before they head up to Vojmån, which is the place where grand pa grew up. There will be a big summer party and family reunion this coming weekend.

Mom and Sarah skyped me this morning, and they had spent the day relaxing. A new passion of Sarah’s is to pick red currants! Grandpa is paying her in candy (lösgodis) to fill his freezer with red currants for the winter months. They also have had home made waffles with strawberries, and there will be elk stew for dinner. Life is good.

Dad and I are planning to take it easy at home, and start enjoying the big TV down in the basement. The basement is finally finished, and it looks awesome! I very much like Sarah’s and my playroom. I might talk daddy into taking me to the pool this weekend as well. I will also spend more time with Gemma when mom is gone, which is cool by me.

I also lost my first tooth! It just popped right out of my mouth! The tooth fairy came with a dollar bill, and I don’t know if Sarah or I were more excited!

Summer time also means that I am weaning off medications that were added on during the winter. I am almost off a medication that controlled my movements for years. The feeling is that I don’t need it any longer, since I have very little involuntary movements these days. One more week to go, and I should be off it completely. We are after that moving on to a couple of seizure medications.

I miss mom and sis, but I also know that they were ready to go back and see family!

Much love,


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