Friday, September 2, 2011


We're now back in full swing of activities! I started school on Tuesday again, and it was so nice to be back in my favorite familiar place - Bal Swan! I have a small class this year. We're only 7 kids total in my class, 4 girls and 3 boys. I have two new teachers, Mrs. Kiley and Mrs. Cristy, and I like both of them. I got to do play doh with my friends, play ball outside, and play music! Check out the new pictures! Last year, it was sometimes hard for me to do 3 hours of school, but not this week! I was definitely ready for it after a long break. Last year, we struggled with a good chair for me to use in school. This year, I just rode into my class room on my wombat chair - ready to start school! My mom feels this was the easiest school start we have ever had so far!

Since I am back in school two days a week, the other days are busy with therapies. I am back in my school's warm water pool every Monday, which is always my favorite way of starting my week. In a month, I am also going to start music therapy, which I am very much looking forward to!

The most exciting news is that I feel really well these days! I feel more active, more alert, more awake!!! I smile more, I vocalize more, and my dear therapists say that I track much better with my eyes! The reason for me feeling this well is that I am off 2 seizure medications that I took daily. It also helps that I haven't been sick for 2 months, and no seizures in sight!

We have quite THE MASTER PLAN to continue on this path this fall, and I can only hope that it will go well! There are some risks involved with the changes we're doing including me getting into status epilepticus, but my cheer leaders all want me to be on as few meds as I possibly can, so we're all on this journey together. I will stay brave and strong as long as I have my team on board! It helps that Dr. C. is never more than a phone call away!

It has been a record heat wave in Colorado this past August. As we're entering September, the temperatures finally seem to fall down into the 80s and 70s. That is good news for me, since I have a hard time tolerating 90s and above. My body just can't easily handle those ridiculously hot temperatures!

I can report that the rest of the family is doing really well too. Sis is doing really well at her new school, and we love that she is a chatter box every day she is coming home from school! She is making new and old friends, and is in a good spot in her life. Mom and dad have been busy with getting our basement in order, and we all have enjoyed that project together. I am always the project manager - getting the rest of them to work as I relax on my therapy mat in the middle of the room overseeing everybody!

Now, we have a long weekend ahead of us! Monday is Labor Day here in US, so we have an extra day hanging out together.

To a good fall!

Much love,


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