Monday, October 10, 2011


It's me. I am doing well. I am going to school. I am out in the fall sun. And I am getting a bike!

As of last week, I have a Team Jacob at Colorado University. Four young engineers who are willing to design and build something only for me. We put together a long wish list, and the one wish they picked was to create a bike trailer for me, I will be able to start going on bike rides with my family, something I have never been able to do.

They were a little bit shy when they come to see me last week. They checked me out, and listened to mom telling them my story. I was in a good mode, so I gave them lots of little smiles and moved my lips to show them that I wanted to be part of deciding about my bike's future!

We were a little bit worried that they were going to suggest using a regular bike trailer and modify it for me. We just knew that it would probably never give me enough support. Instead, they checked out my wheel chair and my stroller to see what actually works for me.

This bike trailer will be one-of-a-kind, and we talked about what materials would be best to use, what tires to use to make the trailer as sturdy as possible. We talked about a place for my oxygen tank, and what size of a tank. We talked about my suction machine that has to come along on rides.

It was exciting to see their ideas form as they were talking to mom, and checking me out. Photos were taking of my equipment, measurements were given, and off they went to build my bike trailer!

This semester they are going to build the actual trailer. Next semester, I am getting a new group of engineers who will build the actual seat. That works for me! I won't need it until the spring anyway.

We're very excited to participate in this project with CU that won't cost us a dime. We just have to be available to Team Jacob when they have questions or whenever they need to fit the trailer for me.

And for my buddies out there, start thinking about your one-of-a-kind wish you have, and let me know if you want me throw in your name for the spring semester! This is an ongoing project, and each semester they pick several projects.



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