Sunday, December 11, 2011


Remember the engineering students who were going to build me a bike? They delivered it this week!!! It looks awesome, and fits me perfectly!

They put a Britax car seat into a bike trailer, so I can safely go on bike rides with my family! They have made sure that I have enough support of my body, and they have tilted the bike trailer slightly backwards, so my head is in a safe place.

The bike trailer can turn into a stroller, so if we want to stop for an ice cream or a cup of coffee, we can! We are all very much looking forward to put my bike trailer to use as soon as spring comes around!

I am still doing really well. I got to see Santa last weekend! It was awesome. I am looking forward to my class holiday party this week. Sis is jealous that I get to go to school in PJ, decorating cookies, and watching the movie Polar Express.

I am doing really well in speech therapy right now. I am using my communication buttons again, and I am making good choices with my "yes" and "no" cards. On Friday, I really got tired of gluing cottonballs onto paper. I clearly shook my head over and over again as my therapist Jill wanted to glue more cottonballs on my painting. Enough is enough! I also nodded as I wanted to have foam stickers in my painting! I did it over and over again, and both Jill and mom were in awe! It is nice to surprise them once in awhile :-

Mom also got to sit down with Dr. C. for a good chat on Friday. Dr. C. is amazed with my progress right now. She is so happy for me! She always told us that she couldn't know for sure if my progression was due to my brain or to my heavy seizure meds. On Friday, she had to admit that it probably mainly has to do with my heavy meds. Yeah for Dr. C! We have ditched 3 seizure medications, and the 4th seizure medications will go this week. I feel great!

So, I am wishing all of you who are staying by my side, cheering me up when I am down, and cheering me on when I am doing well,

A wonderful holiday season!

Much love,


P.S. Check out the new pictures as well!

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