Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's me, and it's my 6th birthday today! I woke up early, so my family had time to sing for me this morning! Gemma and I then went on with our day, and at lunch time, it was time for my school birthday party! I have never celebrated my birthday in school before! In fact, I have never been able to go to school in January, since I am always sick this time of the year. It was a first, and it was a blast!

All the girls had made birthday cards for me. One of my friends had worked on her card for 3 (!) weeks! She even made a picture of me in my school chair. It sure looked like me! My other friend made a card with a big cow on it! Another friend of mine made a Jacob card with me today. Everybody wanted to be next to me, and helped me to make my choices today.

Many of you know that I love swimming, and today was swim day in school! We all got to be in the pool, and we had so much fun! I couldn't stop smiling! We got some good pictures from the pool.

It was then snack time. Sarah had helped me to make chocolate dipped strawberries, and it was a big hit! The kids definitely liked the chocolate over the strawberries :-

After snack, I simply fell asleep on the floor in the classroom. It was that perfect nap you only have when you're completely content and can let everything go.

When daddy comes home, we're going to open all my presents, sing happy birthday, and have some more cake and strawberries!

This was the best birthday I have had in a very, very long time!

Much love, Jacob.

P.S. Check out the photos from the day as well!

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