Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Back to sharing a bath room and a shower with 24 other rooms again. Back to no food in the room. Back to trying to store all the things you have collected after 6,5 weeks in the hospital in this tiny room. Back to sleeping with glass doors. Back to the freezing cold ICU.
This was a bad day that turned for the worse. The keto diet was started last night. Mid-day, Jacob started to get pretty sick. He was nauseated, vomited, and started seizing. Everybody first thought that he was reacting to the keto diet. The problem was that he had had so little of the new diet that it was not likely causing all of the symptoms we saw.
Mid-afternoon, things got worse not better. Jacob was still seizing, and his color turned bluish. His blood pressure was starting to drop. Right at this time, Dr. E. visited the floor, and took charge. It was clear that Jacob was too unstable for the regular floor. Jacob also started having excessive diarrhea with blood in it. Dr. E. turned to me and asked what Joakim's plans with Sarah was for the evening. She wanted Joakim back in the hospital. This is the second time she has told me that both of us should be next to Jacob's side. You know it's serious, you know Jacob is unstable, you know only time can tell what way Jacob will turn.
Down in the PICU, it was clear Jacob needed help breathing. He's on the BiPap right now. If he gets worse, the breathing tube is the next step. We're so hoping we don't have to go there. It's confirmed that he has blood in his stool. It's confirmed that his white blood count cell is much elevated. There is a suspicion he has c-diff, which is common with long hospitalization. Jacob is clearly fighting something more than "only" pneumonia. We just don't know what yet.
I just feel so helpless. It feels like every time we make some progress, there is an infection coming Jacob's way. The keto diet is off. They feel he's too sick to keep trying with the diet right now. We need to focus on fighting this infection. No word about going home.
To top off the day I was also in a car accident today. I am doing fine, but it was pretty scary. I was on I-70 on the way to the hospital, and a truck came sliding towards me across three lanes hitting me in the side of the car. My car spinned around 3 times before it finally stopped. It definitely gave me a scare. With Jacob back in the PICU, the accident already feels so far away. There are bigger worries to fight tonight.
Keep Jacob in your thoughts and prayers tonight.
Love, Maria.

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