Saturday, February 11, 2012


It has been a good long run for Jacob. He has been doing so well the last half a year. With removing 5 (!) seizure medications over the last 8 months, we have gotten back so much of our old boy. He is more interactive, makes choices with his eye gaze, shakes his head for "no", goes to school with his friends, does crafts at home with his nurse Gemma, smiles, smiles, smiles - and simply enjoys his life. I counted the time he has been out of the hospital, and it has been 8 months! I am thinking it might be a Jacob record.

We knew that Jacob eventually would get an infection, so today we're back in the ER with a high fever, yellow thick yucky secretions, and seizures. Jacob is on oxygen, is getting IV fluids, and has gotten some extra seizure meds. Labs are drawn to figure out the source of infection. Chest x-ray is cooking. They will start him on IV antibiotics as they are waiting for the blood culture to grow. And we're waiting to get admitted...

We all knew this would happen, it is just sad that today is the day Jacob is back in the hospital again.

Send positive thoughts to our little brave guy!

Love, Maria.

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