Monday, February 13, 2012


It is only Monday night, and I know we're in for a long week. We did get home this afternoon, since Jacob hadn't spiked another fever since Saturday, and the blood culture was negative.

I felt pretty good when we left this afternoon, but I didn't expect us to be stuck on the highway for 1,5 hours in traffic. I didn't expect that the car in front of me would decide to put full power on the brakes, so Jacob's head completely moved forward! I found myself getting out of the car in the middle of the highway to help Jacob to breathe, since he couldn't get up his head by himself. I was so focused on Jacob, but could register the trucks passing by way too close to my body.

It reminded me that we might be back in the place where it is not ok to travel with Jacob by myself again. I need someone to be next to him for suctioning or head control.

Jacob was completely exhausted when we came home - and started seizing. It was a long one. His heart rate was elevated, and the fever was back.

Joakim and I started the back-and-forth debate. Was it time to bring Jacob back to the ER again or wait and see? We didn't leave Jacob's sight, watched his heart rate, suctioned him as he needed, and tried to keep him comfortable.

After the evening meds, Jacob did fall asleep and his heart rate has finally come down, and the fever is gone once again.

We simply don't know tonight, if it was the exhausting drive home that gave Jacob this set back or if he is getting sicker. Libby will take the night shift as we will try to catch up on sleep a little bit, and see if we can keep Jacob home overnight.

I know we're in for a long week, and we will know over night or tomorrow morning what Jacob needs next.

Send positive thoughts to our little guy who is in a pretty rough spot once again...

Love, Maria.

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