Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's me. I am doing a bit better again! I have been hanging out in my PJ for the last two days at home, and it seems to be helping me to slowly get back to normal. I am so happy I didn't have to go back to the hospital, and instead got to spend Valentine's Day at home with my family.

Mom delivered my Valentine's Cards to my classmates, since I was still sick. I had worked on my cards so hard this year. Gemma helped me, so I could decorate each of the card to my own liking. It did take us 3 days to complete the cards, but they did turn out to stellar Valentine's cards!

Tomorrow, I am going back to the hospital. It is time for that doctor check up after my hospital stay.

In addition, Mom and I will be on the air tomorrow at 2:00pm, with Alice 105.9 for their 36 hour radio-thon to raise money for Children’s Hospital Colorado!
You can listen online at pages/6340323.php and call to donate at 1-800-458-KIDS.

I know you all know how much Children's Hospital has done for me over the last 6 years!

Much love,


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