Thursday, February 12, 2009


Our week in Breckenridge turned out to be a great vacation for all of us. Sarah had a blast! She was either skiing or swimming and was playing with her friend Adam around the clock. Her good friend Kennedy also ended up at the same place, so they got to play together as well. To top it off, Sarah's teacher showed up at the pool the last day. That made Sarah's vacation very special. It was great for her to have a snow ball fight with her teacher in the outdoor pool!
Jacob did sleep one night up in Breckenridge, and did fine. He needed a little bit of extra oxygen, but did otherwise fine. He also visited his dad and sister a couple of times during the week, and loved the pool as well! It is a heated pool, so Jacob can stay in for hours.
Overall, Jacob has turned a corner in the last week. He has stayed healthy for over a week now (!), and is slowly gaining back some of his old muscle strength. The last medication change has helped his involuntary hand movements. They are still there, but less than what we have seen during the last month. He is also more talkative again. He is ok to sleep in his own crib to everybody's relief, and the fear of the vacuum cleaner is gone.
Tomorrow we're back to school and work again. Jacob will see his neurologist on Friday again to see if she thinks we need to do anything further to help his irregular movements.
We're hoping for a healthy spring!
- Maria.
P.S. I added a few pictures from the vacation as well!

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