Saturday, April 21, 2012


Jacob has multifocal pneumonia. This means that there are patches of pneumonia throughout Jacob's lungs. This is typically really hard for Jacob to get rid of, since it is not just one area of his lungs that is treated. He is on IV antibiotics, and we're hoping it is the right antibiotics for Jacob. We know from the past that it is many times really hard to find the right antibiotics to get rid of a pneumonia in Jacob.

After a very long restless night for both of us with another high fever, high heart rate, respirations going through the roof, and needing extra oxygen to breathe, Jacob finally fell asleep around 4:30 am this morning. His fever was finally starting to break, and he was using a bi-pap to help him breathe.

And Jacob has been sleeping ever since. It hasn't matter how much we have fiddled with him, he is in deep sleep. I am happy that everyone is on the same page that Jacob needs sleep to heal, so let's mess with him as little as possible. He is also tolerating the bi-pap great as he is sleeping. We know it will be another story when he wakes up.

We're still in the ER...we're still waiting for a room to open up in the ICU...The team thought for awhile that maybe he could go to the floor after all, since his vitals are stable, but the respiratory team has said no. He can change too quickly, so they don't think they can give him the best of care on the floor. So, we're waiting, and waiting...

The good thing is that Sarah got to sneak in a visit in the ER. She is not allowed in to the hospital before May 1st, but in the ER they always have a looser policy on family members. She kissed him, and tried to wake him up, but he didn't care for that today. I do know that for her it was still very good to simply see Jacob, and make sure he was ok for herself.

I am exhausted after having been up since Friday morning. Joakim will stay the night, and I am thinking I will crash at home tonight.

I am not thinking we're over the hump yet, so please keep sending us good positive thoughts, vibes, juju, prayers, and anything else you can think of.

Much love,



  1. Sending prayers,good vibes,juju,crossed fingers,healing thoughts-

  2. Thinking of you very often, Jacob. Each time you pop into my mind, I say a prayer for you, your mom and dad, and sister Sarah. Everyone at Monster Max's house hopes you're feeling better soon.

  3. We are thinking of you too Jacob! All day long! The painting Selina made is hanging on the fridge waiting until we can get it to you!