Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This has been a really busy summer so far! I can't believe June is already coming to an end. Colorado is on fire, wherever you turn you see pictures of wild fires. Yesterday, I picked ashes off our backyard table. The heat and dry air make me think it is already August.

The heat and the smoke in the air have made it really hard for Jacob to enjoy the outdoors. We have had to keep him inside for many days due to too hot weather or too much smoke in the air.

Jacob is finally done with his 3 weeks long IV antibiotics course. I counted, and it took us 3,5 hours each day to administer Jacob's two antibiotics each day...That might be one of the reasons June flew by so fast. As soon as Jacob was off his antibiotics, and he didn't have a needle to his central line, we went swimming! We are planning on having many more days at the pool now when we all can go again!

I never dreamt of having a mini van, but Jacob's new handicap van is simply awesome!!! It is so easy to take Jacob out of the house now. We simply roll the wheel chair into the van, tie the wheel chair down, and off we go! This van had everything we had hoped for. It is as new, it is super easy to get Jacob in and out of the car, we have a seat on each side of Jacob so if we need to suction him or reposition his head, it can be done at any time. The car has seats for 7 people, so as we have family in town, we can all get out together! Before we always had to take two cars to fit all of Jacob's stuff, and have seats for everybody. It also comes with a super fancy remote control, and yes, I have struggled a little bit with all the different buttons :- I promise to be an expert in no time!

With Jacob's new diagnosis of osteoporosis, we had to order quite a bit of new equipment. Today, we received Jacob's first TLSO. This is like a soft shell that supports Jacob's back as he is in unsupportive positions. See how happy he is sitting on the couch with sis!

Sis is doing great. She is very much enjoying her summer. She is on a swim team, so is in the pool most days of the week. If she is not swimming, she is playing with friends or hanging with us at home. Last week, we had a girls' vacation. Sarah and I ventured up to Breckenridge for a couple of days, and we had a great time together. We relaxed, we went to the pool, we played shuffle board, we strolled in town, and just had a good time together. I always enjoy my vacations with my girl.

In the middle of doctor's and therapy appointments, I feel that we are getting a taste of normal life. Next week, both kids have a play date with friends at our pool. I think this is a first that both kids will bring a friend along! Jacob is so lucky to have his friend Selina. He is also invited to her birthday party next week. Jacob surely has a couple of birthday parties under his belt, but this is different. This is from his own friend Selina. He won't miss it for the world! Sarah has promised to help him pick a gift for her.

This coming weekend, we're hosting my cousin's daughter and two other Swedes. They are coming to Colorado for a month long International summer camp. We get to be their hosting family, and we're very much looking forward to it. Sarah simply can't wait! She has so much she wants to show and tell them.

And soon Sarah and Joakim are taking off for Sweden. Jacob and I will hold down the fort at home!

Stay cool!


  1. The couch picture is wonderful!!! I love it!

    Have fun this weekend with your cousin!

    1. Thank you, Deana! We will have a good weekend despite the heat!