Sunday, July 22, 2012


We all react differently when something terrible, senseless happens. Depending on what the event is, we might react stronger certain times than other. Typically the closer to you and your heart the event is, the stronger the reaction.

The mass shooting in Aurora on Thursday night was all over the news world-wide. It was hard to miss. Most of us have discussed it with someone, most of us probably with several people.
I happened to be at Children’s Hospital Friday morning for an early morning meeting that got cancelled due to the mass shooting. The leadership team had to regroup after the night’s events. 6 of the victims were at Children’s. University Hospital, which is next doors with Children’s, had 23 of the victims. Peoria where the shooter lived is the parallel street to Colfax where I was this morning. You could feel it in the air, literally. There were way too many helicopters circling over the two hospitals. There was restricted access to the hospital. You could only get in with a badge or a scheduled appointment. After I was done with my meetings, I went to the PICU to visit a friend whose daughter just got admitted. I didn’t think about it as I was in the PICU, but as I left, I realized that I had been greeted by a few too many of the attending physicians. I realized that all of them were there to work this Friday.
When something happens that you can’t make sense of, it is good to pause for a moment. To think about the people who are dearest to you. To cherish the good things in life, and to simply take a break from the crazy busyness of life.
I had Jacob all to myself Friday night, and instead of getting too wrapped up in his evening schedule, we took the time to cuddle, we took the time to read and sing. I thought about my dear friend Heather being up in the mountains, being ready to start riding 155 miles in the memory of her daughter Samantha. I thought about my dear friend’s daughter who needed a breathing tube to breathe, and how scary that is as a parent. I thought about my friend who had gotten not so good news regarding her son’s health. Instead of watching the news or being on Internet, I took my book and sat outside late into the evening. I chatted with my neighbor as she was going for a late evening run.
And I thought that when things don’t make sense in life like complete senseless violence, we go back to our basics. We hang on to the good things in life. We reconnect with our loved one, and we pause.

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