Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last time I posted, Jacob was in the hospital with pneumonia and atelectasis (Jacob's left lung was partly collapsed). We have now been home for a week, and unfortunately we still have a pretty sick boy at home. We have slow healing...

Jacob is off the IV antibiotics, and typically by the end of a full course of antibiotics, we do feel that our boy is back to his baseline. This time around, he still needs oxygen to breathe (which he typically only uses when he sleeps) throughout the day. He still has more secretions. Unfortunately, we also have seen more seizures than we have in a long time. Right now, Jacob has staring spells daily.

Jacob always struggles with diarrhea when he is on antibiotics. This time around it was more of the smelly kind. We knew it had been an outbreak of c-diff when Jacob was in the hospital, so tonight we finally were able to collect a stool sample. We are sincerely hoping he won't have c-diff, since it would mean another round of antibiotics. If you have had c-diff one time, it is also common that it will flare up again, especially for someone who is often on antibiotics like our little boy.

I must say that it feels like we're already deep into winter season when I see how hard it is for Jacob to shake this illness. Jacob's pulmonologist told us on Friday that it can take 4-6 weeks for a collapsed lung to heal, so we might not even be mid-way through healing at this time. It is also important that he doesn't catch a cold or virus during his healing that will further impact his lungs.

What makes me a little sad is that the warm sunny Colorado fall is Jacob's prime time. This is the time of the year when Jacob consistently goes to school and therapies. This is the time when we do little excursions as a family. It is not too hot or too cold outside. It is perfect Jacob weather. This year, we are now on week 3 of missing out on all of Jacob's therapies, kindergarten, and other fun activities.

On a positive note, Selina's mom made my day today! She blogged about her daughter Selina's friendship with Jacob. It is a very sweet blog post about Jacob & Selina's special bond. Take a moment to read it:

The blog post made me realize that maybe Jacob needs a dose of Selina to feel better. Tomorrow we are playing hooky! We will meet up with Selina at a small pumpkin patch for some play time and fresh air!

Jacob out in the fall sun!



  1. I hope playing hooky does you some good Jacob! And that the seizure monster stays away...and the poos clear up soon!

    1. Thanks Deana! Playing hooky was the way to go! No more seizures in the last days!

  2. Hooky is always fun! Have fun at the pumpkin patch!

    1. What a beautiful story about salina and Jacob!! He seems to have a special effect on everyone! Praying he doesn't have C-diff, that his little lungs heal quickly, seizures stop, and that he can enjoy the nice fall weather. Hugs to all!

    2. Selina is a true gift to Jacob, no doubt! Jacob seems to be doing a bit better!