Friday, October 5, 2012


After weeks of warm fall weather, the temperature dropped to 50 F (+10 C) yesterday! Mom and Gemma were still determined that we all would meet up with Selina and her family at the Pumpkin Patch. I also got to meet Selina's friend Kensey and his brother Sebastian. I was thrilled! They bundled me up with a warm jacket, hat, mittens, and one of my favorite blankets. I even had to wear my monster slippers! I was sure ready for colder weather!

The good thing about going to the pumpkin patch on the first day of cold weather is that noone was there. We had for the most part the pumpkin patch completely to ourselves!

Selina helped me pick out pumpkins for our front porch. She also helped me pick out some mini pumpkins for sis and myself.

I also had a blast in the corn maze! Selina took me around and around! It was awesome! My oxygen tank, feeding pump, and suction machine were full of straws, since we hit some corners a few times!


And here are some more photos from our field trip!

Today, I made a Swedish pumpkin with Gemma! Doesn't it look cool? And I can report that I feel better! No seizures for 2 days, and I am almost off oxygen during the day. I still need a little bit of oxygen from time to time, but not all day long!

Look what a friend, some fresh air, and some fun can do for me feeling better?

Happy Fall!

Love, Jacob.

P.S. Mom also feels better when we get out of the house. I can tell :-


  1. What great photos!! Sure and happy to hear no seizures!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

  2. YAY! So much fun! Great memories.