Thursday, January 3, 2013


Things have been quiet over here, no updates for a while. I decided to take a well deserved break from my laptop that often accompanies me at night in front of the TV. There is always something to do at work, emails to answer, or updates to read. So, this winter break I intentionally did less of that. Instead, I watched movies without banging the keyboard at the same time. We played board games with the kids. I finished a book. I organized and did things around the house. I practiced yoga. We had friends over for dinner. We were on a break.

Christmas already feels far away, even if my house is still breathing Christmas (and will for a bit longer)! After a filled Christmas Eve of Swedish food and friends, it was time to switch gear to American traditions. Unfortunately, Joakim got terribly sick with the stomach flu on Christmas Day, so we didn't see him all day! Thanks to Sarah, our Christmas Day breakfast and gift opening turned into a great morning and day.

After Christmas, it was my turn to get the nasty bug! Luckily, Jacob and Sarah were both spared this time.

After we finally got the bug out of the house, we started to enjoy the break again. We have had many lazy days around the house, we often didn't even get out of our PJs, watched movies, and played games. I love slowing down!


And we also ventured out in the cold weather once in a while!

The last day of the year, we celebrated with dear friends as always. It is always a great way to end the year.


Jacob also got to have some special time with his friend Selina this break.

Check out the hat that she and her sister hand made with the help of their grandma. Pretty cool! This is how tired our boy was after his play date!

Next week, we are back to our normal routine again of work, school, after school activities, therapies, and doctor's appointments. So before the wheels start spining again, my new year's resolution is to slow down this year. To not take on every project coming my way, and to simply have more time to "be" a little bit more. I am thinking this winter break got me off to a good start, now I just need to make it into my daily routine. I will let you know how it goes :-

I wish you all Happiness & Health in 2013!


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