Friday, March 29, 2013


Today was a beautiful spring day in Colorado. The sun and air temperature were just right. It was warming our pale skin longing for sun and warmer days. The day was meant to spend outside.

We were not the only ones who thought going to the zoo was a brilliant plan this spring break Friday. Typically we can find handicap parking easily, but not today. We were circling around the garage for as long as it took us to drive down to the zoo. Finally, we got a spot!

Sarah brought a friend today. She hasn't been around Jacob that much. I could see that her eyes got bigger as she saw us completely changing Jacob from head to toe after an accident in the car. Sarah frantically trying to wipe Jacob's wheel chair clean, so he could use it again. Her friend was amazed with the load of supplies we have to bring to take Jacob anywhere. Today, we had loaded the van with Jacob's wheel chair, stroller and his red wagon full of supplies!

Selina and family met us at the zoo. Nothing faces them. We were seriously late from trying to find parking, and having a big diaper change, but never ever that it would bother them. We haven't been to the zoo in a very long time, so it was nice to get re-acquainted with all the animals once again, and especially see the new part of the park for the elephants.

At one point, all the kids were having lunch and Jacob was having his snack of a water bolus with a seizure medication. In the middle of everything, things seemed pretty normal. All kids were content, and having a great day together. I'll carry that moment with me after a long winter with too many days inside. A little moment of normalcy with the sun on my skin.

We could have spent the whole day hanging out with our friends at the zoo, but unfortunately Jacob had an appointment with Dr. E. It was time to pack up the van, and head over to Children's. It was a good appointment. Unfortunately, we left with another round of antibiotics. Jacob's left ear looks yucky, and infected. We're also starting Jacob back on bi-pap at night. We have noticed increased sleep apnea in the last week, and we'll see if the bi-pap can help Jacob at night. Another sleep study is in our near future...I am not happy about this direction, but whatever it takes for our boy to breathe and sleep better. Jacob has had yet another growth spurt! He is getting taller and heavier...he's getting close to 60 pounds, our handsome!

On a positive note, Jacob seems to be at the end of this cold, and his colitis seems to be in remission once again. I'll leave you with this monkey who decided to entertain us over lunch!

To spring! Love, Maria.


  1. It was a beautiful day! We considered the zoo, but once I felt how gorgeous it was, I knew it was going to be so packed! So, we threw open the windows and hung out at home.

    I'm glad you all got to get out together!

    1. It was a mad house today, but well worth it when we finally were there! Hopefully we have more gorgeous days ahead of us, so you guys can head out there too! Happy Easter to you all!

  2. Fun post! I am glad the appointment went well! Next time we'll make sure we have the zoo to ourselves. (-: the girls did not ask once why we were leaving already, I think they were overwhelmed too. Really glad we got to hang out.

    1. We will definitely be back together! Thanks for Saturday night too! It was great fun!