Friday, May 3, 2013


At the same time as I am starting to set up Sarah's summer activities and camps, Jacob went back to school this week! He will be going to school from May thru end of October is the plan. Right now he is finishing up his kindergarten year at Bal Swan and Coyote Ridge.

Where do I start? I'll start at the end. Jacob hasn't been this happy in months. He simply couldn't stop smiling. Kids need kids, and Jacob needs his buddies! Isn't this photo priceless?!

And this looks familiar to me, the girls hanging out with our boy...

and his friends reading to him.

Jacob is always up for dress up :-

And once again our boy surprises us. He was asked which dice had the highest number, and he picked the right one every time!
Here Jacob is with his teacher Chandra!
It is so much fun to push the button, so the crocodile bites the kids' fingers!
What a cute couple!
And once again, coach Mo made nurse Gemma cry. Coach Mo had planned hockey for Jacob's class, but he wanted to give the class two choices today. They could either play hockey as planned or since they had their special friend Jacob back in class, they could watch a short movie on how they could help Jacob in PE. A few boys voted for hockey, but the big majority of the class wanted to watch the movie to help Jacob. The movie was about two siblings. One of the siblings had Cerebral Palsy. He was always left behind. His brother decided to help him do a full triathlon. He was running with his brother in his wheel chair, he was swimming with his brother on a floatie, and he was biking with his brother in a bike trailer. It was a moving story.
It was then time to run! All the kids explained to Jacob when the music is really fast they have to run as fast as they can, when the music is slow they have to walk. The kids were next to Jacob's wheel chair cheering him on throughout the gym, making sure he listened to the music and adjusted the speed of the wheel chair. When it was time for pushups, Jacob told Gemma she had to do them for him! After all, she has signed up for a 157 miles bike ride called Courage Classic this summer, so she needs to get in shape too. Once again, Jacob was completely included in his PE class!
It is Friday night. I am tired from the busyness of this week, but I am smiling. I am smiling because I know our Jacob is so very happy.
Love, Maria.

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