Friday, May 17, 2013


It's me. Mom says it is better I update about today's celebration. She is still emotional. There was a time when mom never thought that I would make it to kindergarten..and here I am, graduating from Bal Swan today! Mom,dad and sis were all so proud of me!

This was definitely a bit of a rocky year for me. Seizures and colitis made me miss school a lot in the fall. I also was homeschooled for the first time in my life this winter, but I sure ended the school year on a positive note. I have loved being back in school this past month.

Bal Swan has been my school for the last 5 (!) years. I started at Bal Swan when I was two years old. My mom knew there was something special with my school the first time she took me on a tour of the building. She had no intention to have me start at school when I was two, but the school simply blew her away, and I started slow with two mornings a week. School has always been my happy place in life. It has been the place where I have made friends. It has been the place where everyone knows me, and cheers me on. It has been the place where I have proven my loved ones that I can always do more. It has been the place where Mrs. Jill, Mrs. Melissa, and Mrs. Laura have helped me with all my therapies for years. The warm water pool is one of the best places to hang out any day of the week! Bal Swan became my extended family. As my mom was driving us home, she summarized it pretty well. Bal Swan has set the bar for what a school setting should look like for me, and we will never settle for anything less! Bal Swan will always have a special place in my heart. This is not goodbye.

We had to perform for our parents today. Sis was helping me out a little bit, since I needed my communication button for my part.

Here I am with Mrs. Jill. We have had a blast in the pool for the longest time ever! I will miss her to the moon and back.

Here are my most awesome teachers Mrs. Margo and Mrs. Cristy. I will miss them to the moon and back! Can you see that I am starting to be tired?

After the kindergarten graduation, Selina and family came home with me to continue the celebration. We had ice cream to celebrate, and later on pizza dinner! Did I tell you that I also got my first red rose today? Sis bought me the most beautiful rose for her own money.

After 7 (!) hours of celebration, I was tired! What better place to end the day than me in my dad's comforting lap?

Tuesday, it is time for kindergarten graduation, part 2. I am then doing it all over again at Coyote Ridge!