Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Tonight it was time for Jacob's kindergarten graduation at Coyote Ridge. I was scared the first time I put foot in this school. I couldn't imagine my little boy in this large elementary school. This is where having an open mind is a good thing. This place that once scared me has been Jacob's school for the last year, and we are today confident that we have found Jacob's school for years to come. We have gotten to love Jacob's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pries. She is simply one of a kind. In Jacob's special ed teacher Chandra we have found a teacher who truly understands (and loves) Jacob and his needs. Jacob's therapists Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Katie have truly grown on us!

We were greeted by the school's Principal. She has been a big supporter of doing the right thing for Jacob from the beginning, even before Jacob started at Coyote Ridge. We definitely count her as being part of Team Jacob.

We started out in the classroom. It was loud, but several of the kids wanted to take their graduation pictures with Jacob. Jacob also got everyone in the class to sign his graduation bear he received from Gemma today.

It was then time for the kindergarten performance. All parents were told to go into the gym and sit down and wait for their kids. It was such an odd feeling to leave Jacob behind in the classroom as Gemma, Joakim and I went to sit down in the gym. Jacob was in the hands of Mrs. Pries and Sarah!

It was a good odd feeling to sit down with all other parents and see my child getting up on stage with all the other kindergarteners. No nurse or parent next to him. Mrs. Pries had told Sarah that she wanted Jacob in the front, so everyone could see how important he is. That melted my heart. As parents were filming and taking photos of their children singing song after song, I was so very proud of my boy. I could see him shaking his head a little, which Jacob does when he is happy and content. He enjoyed all the singing, and being in the center of attention!

After the graduation ceremony, it was time for cookies and more pictures!

We can't wait to be back for 1st grade, but first it is time for summer school! We are so excited that we get to keep Mrs. Pries in Jacob's life over the summer as well!
And here are to two goofy kids!
Next week, it is time for Sarah's continuation...I can't believe that our girl is soon to be done with elementary school, ready to move on to Middle school in the fall. The kids are growing up...
Love, Maria.


  1. I'm proud of Jacob and Sarah with you!! Congratulations on such a great school year!

    1. Thanks Deana! I hope Max gets to visit with his friends the last day of school too!