Friday, June 7, 2013


It's me. Sis is finally out of school! Yesterday she had her first day of summer break, and I had absolutely nothing on my schedule. No doctor's appointments, no therapy, and no school. It was time to leave the house and do something fun!

Mom brought up the Botanical Garden, the zoo, and Washington Park. Sis and I turned down all her suggestions. She then brought up a place we had never visisted before - the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Sis and I approved!

It was a perfect summer day. The day brought a clear blue sky with sunshine and a breeze. The high temperature of the day was in the 70s, which is rare in the summer time around here. We packed up my van, and we were ready to go!

The Wild animal sanctuary gives a home to abandoned and neglected wild animals. On 720 acres of rolling grassland, bears, wolves, lions, tigers, camels, lamas, and foxes have found a new home. It is close to 300 animals in total.

A walkway over the habitat gave us a good look of the wild life. Mom could easily stroll me through the whole habitat. It was a little bit hard for me to see the animals, since I had to be in my stroller to protect me from the sun, but I got some good glimpses of the lions and tigers. Sarah told me about the bears taking a bath together, them playing tag and swinging together, the wolves playing rough, and the lions and tigers eating their raw meat for dinner. It was so cool to see the animals move so freely. They couldn't have cared less about us coming to visit!

I think we have found a new place to visit again. I think next time, we will come when the temperatures are even cooler, so I can ride in my wheel chair. In that way, I will be able to see the animals even better. Sis and I also loved the gift shop, and I got to pick out the best bear winter hat ever. You better watch out for me this coming winter!

Today, we had a lazy summer day. I got to go swimming with Sarah and her dear friend Calla. Did I tell you that swimming makes me tired? There is nothing like sleeping outside on a warm summer afternoon.

Life is good, til next time!


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