Saturday, June 1, 2013


The end of the school year has been crazy busy! I sit down at night, and I get exhausted thinking about the day I have just had. To throw in some excitement, Jacob is having frequent ear infections since he got his ear tubes...Right now he has a double-sided ear infection. We are also getting used to straight catheterize Jacob 3 times a day. He is retaining his pee, so we have to help him go throughout the day. This week, we have also ruled out the evil ear cyst cholesteatoma coming back, a urinary tract infection, and a broken ankle. Oh, and another long seizure...Many hours in the doctor's office, but we're happy we could rule it all out.

In the middle of school activities and medical stuff, I wanted to capture some really cool moments from this past week. It makes up for the medical stuff.

Jacob is back in the pool again!

And we're eating dinners outside again.

...and sleeping through Sarah's graduation from Elementary school.
Jacob hanging out with friends during Miracles for Mito's Annual Walk!
and visiting with horses.

Today, Jacob was cheering on Selina during her very special dance recital. He gave her a rose and a hand written card.
And tonight Jacob's old nurse Shannon is back! If you have followed us for a long time, you might remember Shannon being Jacob's day nurse for several years. Unfortunately, Shannon had an accident and couldn't carry Jacob any longer. She is now Jacob's new respite buddy! Welcome back Shannon!

We're so ready for summer, and to make more memories!
Love, Maria.


  1. Happy Summer Jacob and family!! Praying it will be a fun filled healthy summer for you all! Hugs, Linda

  2. Happy summer to you too, Linda! I hope it will be a great summer for you & your family! Love, Maria.