Sunday, June 30, 2013


I remember the first time we went on vacation without Jacob. We had an expensive condo up in the mountains booked. It was too late to rent it out, and too late to disappoint Sarah. I don't recall us having a night nurse, so Joakim and I were driving up and down the mountain every evening. I am not so sure it was our best vacation, but it was the beginning of vacations adjusting to the fact that Jacob will seize the minute we arrive on high altitude.

Years ago we bought our time share in Breckenridge. We originally bought it with Jacob in mind. When Jacob was younger, we often took him up to the mountains, but depending on the rental, it turned into a great vacation or not. We were determined to find a place where we knew Jacob consistently could come with us, and be ok. Jacob got to enjoy our condo a couple of times. As his seizures got worse, we had a couple of stays not necessarily feeling like vacation. They either ended up in the local hospital in Frisco or us racing down I-70 straight to Children's Hospital. It was time to realize that the mountains and Jacob don't see eye to eye. It doesn't matter how much we love the mountains, it is not the place for Jacob.

For the last couple of years, Joakim and I have taking turns bringing Sarah to Breckenridge. This week, it was mom and Sarah time. It was a really good time for us to reconnect. It is a place with few to-dos, and time to simply hang out and be together. I truly cherish those times, since we at home have a pretty busy life. In Breck, it is only the two of us. We talk, we hug, and do the things we like to do together.


This time around, we also invited our family friend Yvonne. It turned out to be the perfect trio. We laughed hard together. We relaxed together. We had great meals together.

And as I was getting on the bike to conquer some mountain climbs, Yvonne introduced Sarah to Chinese tea ceremony. She also taught Sarah how to play pool. Our girl was so excited!

It was a great break with some well needed mommy-daughter time, but we were also ready to be home with the boys again!

I hope you're all having a great summer!


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