Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's me. Since mommy is more interested in her bike, I better do my own summer update. I am having a really busy summer! School and therapies take up a big chunk of my time, but I love it!

Here I am with my one-of-a-kind teacher, Mrs. Pries. She has a bigger wiser heart than most people in this world. She loves me just the way I am. My mom loves this photo of the two of us.

Mrs. Pries is going to be across the hall from my 1st grade class, and guess who is going to sneak into the kindergarten class? Yes, me!

Did I tell you about my para Peggy? She is absolutely wonderful. She is making sure I work really hard in school. She doesn't even give me a break as I am sometimes taking a snoozer. Sometimes I come home realizing that I did work while I was sleeping...

I am also doing music with Lauren every week. This is so much fun! I love making music.
I have also been working really hard in physical therapy. I am getting better at sitting up again. Look how sis is only supporting my shoulders or my mom my back. I also have a new TLSO supporting my back as I am sitting up.
I also have a new ramp! This makes it easy for me to get in and out of the house. My other ramp in the garage broke this week...Mom doesn't even want to talk about it...but let's just say that one of our delivery people basically stepped right through the ramp, broke it, and took no responsibility. Luckily, our basement guy Bob came and fixed my garage ramp right away! He is my own personal Bob the Builder.
I love summer time! Stay tuned for more updates.
Love, Jacob.

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