Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I am finally sitting down after a long day with a glass of chardonnay and popcorn. My whole house smells of Pinesol. My hands smell of Pinesol, but I don't have a clean house. I have a very stained carpet. It starts at the bottom of the stairs continues through the whole hallway into Jacob's room. I am not even going to get started describing Jacob's carpet...

Instead of being on time for Selina's birthday party, I was scrubbing carpet. After multiple accidents and multiple google searches, we know the best cleaning solutions for getting 7-year old poop out of a whitish carpet. After 90 minutes of intense scrubbing on all four, the carpet had turn from brownish to yellowish. It was time to call the professionals once again. It was time for a second professional carpet cleaning in less than a month's time.

As I was frantically scrubbing the carpet, it reminded me as much as I am forever thankful for Jacob growing up with us, some things are not getting easier with time. An infant accident is very different from a 7-year old boy. I am starting to think hardwood floors is in my future throughout the whole house...

We still made Selina's birthday party! The warm Colorado day had started to slowly cool down by the time we made the party. We had pizza and perfect little cupcakes. Jacob played play dough with Selina. I looked at Jacob, and knew that all that scrubbing was worth just one little smile on his face. I forgot about my Pinesol carpet...at least for a little bit until it was time to scrub it again...



  1. Ooph...our carpets are a mess too! I agree, time for wood floors. ;) And that smile is so worth it! He's looking so good!

  2. Yes, any carpet cleaning is worth that smile :- I do think it might be a good way to get those wood floors too!