Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last night, I was at back-to-school night for our middle schooler Sarah. As the teachers were talking about electives, upcoming homework, and websites I have to check, I realized I was still hanging onto summer. Tomorrow Jacob starts 1st grade and Sarah starts 6th grade, so it is high time to snap out of summer mode. This summer went by so fast!

Jacob's highlight was summer school. He went to school 5 weeks. I was happily surprised to see the support Jacob got at school over the summer. He made many friends, and got to spend quality time with his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pries. They were only a couple of students in Jacob's class, so he had lots of attention from Mrs. Pries, his two paras Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Ruth, and his speech therapist Mr. John. He had a great team once again. Jacob really liked his friend Bella. He told her on the first day of school he loves her :- School also gave Jacob a lot of practice with his talker this summer.

We love to spend time in the pool, sometimes the only place Jacob can be outside in the summer time due to the Denver heat. This summer, we didn't make it to the pool as much as we like, but we still had some great time together in the water!

And there is nothing like taking a nap in the shade after a dip in the pool!

Sarah kept herself busy with swim team and golf this summer. She also went to a volleyball camp she really enjoyed. Sarah has also been quite the traveler this summer. Sarah and I spent a few days in Breckenridge with our friend Yvonne.

She then went on her first road trip with Joakim! They headed to Yellowstone for a couple of days, and had a great time together.

Sarah came to Copper to cheer me on!

Lastly, we rounded up our summer going back to Sweden visiting family and friends. It was a great mom and daughter trip, and we will cherish the memories as we go into fall.

Tomorrow, we will be gearing up for school once again, but I think we will still hang onto summer just a little longer :- This was a good one.

Love, Maria.

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