Saturday, August 17, 2013


Some of the best moments with Jacob are the moments when we are doing "normal" things together. Things most people wouldn't think twice about doing. Things that sometimes are just not possible to do with Jacob like running a race together. I didn't see it as a possibility, but this morning we did! We ran a 5K together.

Jacob's speech therapist Brittany had asked him to join her for a 5K race. She would push him in his stroller, and they would do the race together from start to finish. She wanted to bring one of her kiddos who she knew would never be able to race by himself. At first, I had my reservations. We would have to be at the start way before Jacob typically is up and running for the day. It is still very hot in Denver, and Jacob just doesn't do well with heat. Would this be a good thing for him? I actually turned down the offer the first time...As his speech therapist brought it up a second time, I just couldn't resist her willingness to share her Saturday morning with Jacob. Yes, we would make it happen.

Joakim and I prepared everything Friday evening from meds to feeds to equipment, so we would be ready to leave the house on time. Jacob's sleep is never great, but this night turned into a bad one. Jacob decided to wake up at 12:30 am and never really went back to sleep.. Jacob was starting to doze off as we were starting to get him ready for the day. I honestly thought he would sleep through the whole race. As we were putting Jacob in the car, he opened his eyes just a little bit, and he was then awake for the whole event. He knew he didn't want to miss this morning.

Brittany and Jacob did great as a team! Jacob simply loved the motion of the stroller, and had a blast! The sky was over casted, so he didn't once flush from the heat. Brittany did great, never lost her spirit, despite her heavy load this morning. Joakim and I are not exactly runners, but we finished the 5K as well. We were there for Jacob's medical support, just in case he needed to be suctioned.

It was a great morning. It was a milestone and great accomplishment for Jacob. The feeling of having done something "normal" together as a family. I am even talking Joakim into us starting to run with Jacob together. We will see if we can start doing it as the fall temperatures kick in.

To a perfect race day!


Thanks Brittany for being Jacob's partner this morning!

Love, Maria.

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