Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's me. I just had a wonderful Christmas. I was home for the whole month of December helping my family to get ready for the holidays. I decorated my tree, and I don't know how many cookies we have baked in the last month. Many! I made lots of Christmas decorations, and I wrote my first letter to Santa with the help of my talker.

We open our stockings on Christmas Eve. I think this is a tradition from my mom's side of the family. I got to open my stocking in bed this year.

We then went on to get all the food ready for our Swedish Christmas celebration. Sarah and I decorated cookies to go with the Swedish gluehwein. I was also able to sneak in some homework before everyone arrived. Sarah thinks it is funny that I want to do homework even on Christmas.

This was my absolute favorite Christmas. I love, love having a full house of friends on Christmas Eve. I love being surrounded by kids. I love a busy happy house. Did I tell you my friends Selina and Leandra came to celebrate Christmas with us? I got this very special gift from them. They created Jacob's book. This is the story about our very special friendship. I love people reading it to me, but everyone cries as they read it to me. It is a keeper!

Swedes watch Donald Duck on Christmas Eve at 3 pm. I know it is a little odd, but I could see how it brought back childhood memories for mom, dad, and our Swedish friends. I just enjoyed hanging out with my friends on my bean bag.

Gosh, we had SO much food!!! We had ham, sausages, meatballs, sweet potato fries, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, deviled eggs, herring, salmon, kale salad, Johnson's Temptation, potato au gratin, cheese, bread, and so much more. It all ended with Sarah's famous pumpkin pie. It was a long dinner, so I got to hang out with everyone. I had a good time, and made sure to tell everyone I had been good this year! It was a wonderful Christmas Eve, and everyone truly had a blast together.

On Christmas Day, I got to open the first gift of Christmas. I had told Santa I wanted a bike, and here we go! I can't wait to go for bike rides in the spring. For now, I will do short bike rides in my house. We then had a big breakfast, and opened gifts for hours. Sarah was in heaven! I had anxiously waited for Santa to come, so I did fell asleep on the couch. Christmas is exhausting!

We then had a lazy day staying in our PJs all day. Mom is not a big fan of PJs. On  Christmas Day, we got her to stay in her PJ for most of the day! Yeah mom! Sarah and I played with our new gifts. I love my new desk bells I got from Gemma. I use them in music therapy, but I now have my own set. They are so cool! We had some more food......


We ended Christmas Day watching my new movie Despicable Me 2. It is a keeper! I simply had a wonderful Christmas.

Love, Jacob.

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