Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I am 8! My birthday was Friday. Sissy made sure to come and cuddle with me in bed before she had to go to school. She helped me open my gifts in bed. I got many great gifts this year. I got a new therapy mat, and I got a really cool therapy swing! Pictures to follow...Sis also made sure I now have a collection of cool Minion shirts :-

Mom and I had a pretty busy day. We had a party to prepare! I had some tummy trouble on Friday, so we also took some time to cuddle and just hang out together. We also read some of my new books.

Saturday it was party time! I woke up to winter wonderland. Snow everywhere, and it was so beautiful. It continued to snow all day, and it set the perfect mode for the day. Snowflakes slowly falling down as we were celebrating my special day.

I had requested a PJ Valentine's Party with the help of my talker. It was so cool to have everyone come in their PJs. We started out by making pizzas for lunch. Yum!

We then went on to craft time. We made Valentine's crafts and decorated cookies!

Look at my birthday cake! Isn't it the best Valentine's cake ever? I am hearing it tasted really good. My friend Sonja made it for all of us, what a great birthday gift!

After cake, it was time for me to open my gifts.

We then just continued to hang out together. My birthday parties always run long. I just love to have a day surrounded by friends, laughter, and celebration!

Now on to make my 8th year a really good year!

Love, Jacob.

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