Thursday, May 1, 2014


It's me. As my friends are starting to make summer plans, I went back to school today! It looked like I was moving in to Coyote Ridge when I came with my bags of supplies, school work, and talker. It took three people to get it all into the building.

The first day of school is always a bit chaotic. Gemma helped my team of teachers and therapists to get into a routine with me again. I have a new para Nirma who is with me all the time together with Gemma.

I loved art today. I used my talker to make my choices. The kids loved to hear me talk, and they wanted the art teacher to turn off the music, so they could hear me. The problem was that Coach Mo had made a special CD with music for me, so we simply had to listen to it. The music was on low volume, so the kids could hear me. I can't wait to have PE with Coach Mo this spring again! He made my return very special.

I also had fun in math and social studies this afternoon. Math is my favorite subject. We worked on the clock today. The good thing about coming back at the end of the school year is all the extra fun activities. Next week, I am off to a field trip with my class. We are all going to the Museum of Nature & Science. I can't wait!

I have to admit that I got in trouble this week...I really wanted to go outside, and neither nurse Brenda or my speech therapist Brittany wanted to go outside due to the wind. Who cares about a little bit of wind? I told them both they were "mean" and "good-bye". Mom said it is good that I have a strong will and that I can express it, but I do need to think about what I say and to whom.

I also wanted to let you know that I am so proud of sis. Last night, she was awarded Honor Roll at her school. She is just rocking my sister!

I'll end with some pics of sis and me.

Til next time. Love, Jacob.


  1. Owen came home so happy to share that Jacob is back! Wonderful!

    1. Owen is such a great kid! I am so happy they are classmates!

  2. Congrats to Sarah!!! Also, I love that 8 year old "attitude!"

    1. Thank you, Jenny! Jacob is definitely having an "attitude" lately. Today, he said "Jackass" on his talker. I didn't even think a word like that would be part of his vocabulary! The things we learn...