Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It's me. Today was field trip day! The destination was the Museum of Nature & Science. We skipped the school bus, and got down there early to secure a handicap parking spot. I had been so excited to go on this field trip, so I hadn't slept all night. My tummy was also bothering me. There was no way I could keep my eyes open as we got down to the Museum. I tried so hard to stay awake.

As soon as my classmates arrived at the Museum, my buddy Owen made sure everyone knew I was there too! I was immediately picked to join Owen's group. We got to explore the museum in our smaller groups, and I was so excited to hang out with my friends. Some of the girls in the class wanted me in their group too, but the boys said I was with them. That worked for me!

One of mom's first American friends volunteers at the Museum. When Shue found out I would be there, she decided to volunteer today! She made sure we didn't miss anything, and told us all the details we would never have known by simply walking around the Museum. Did you know that 1400 kids visited the Museum today? Did you know the Museum has 1800 volunteers? 

My favorite part of the Museum was the Space Odyssey. I got to see an Astronaut, feel different meteorites, and I loved watching all the airplanes going around the globe. The airplanes looked like little fishes. 

I really liked the Planetarium. We tilted my wheel chair back, so I got a really good view.

Before it was time to head back home again, I had lunch with my classmates outside. It was a gorgeous day in Colorado!

Mrs. Rep, when is our next field trip? I will sure not miss it. I had an awesome day!

Love, Jacob.

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