Saturday, May 10, 2014


It's me. I have had kind of a rough week. I have struggled with daily seizures. Several of my buddies have been struggling with seizures this week, so maybe it is something with the change in season? My seizures are never short, and often require repeating rescue medications. My para Nerma got to experience it first hand. She told Gemma her legs were shaking when I finally was fine again. Did I tell you I really lucked out on my para Nerma? She is awesome.

Dr. C and mommy had a long chat last night, and they came up with a plan for my seizures. I had a big Ice Skating Party to go to today, but it would all depend on my seizures if I could go or not. By the time it was time to roll me into my car, I still hadn't seized, so we took off for Fort Collins.

Inspiring Talkers is a therapy center, and I receive my speech therapy through them. Brittany comes and talks with me twice a week, and I love to boss her around. Brandi-Lynn Greig, the founder of Inspiring Talkers, is also pretty awesome. She was the one who found the first switch for me, so I could start using my talker. She is always looking out for great things to involve us kids in the community. She put on a race last summer, and Mrs. Brittany and I completed my first 5K together.

Today, it was time to test the ice with Brittany!

Daddy is a pro. He started playing hockey when he was 9 years old back in Sweden. Mom had not been on skates in 20+ years, and she was shaky on her figure skates. Sis was scared at first, but she got really good at it at the end.

I made sure to wear my Avs shirt, and I loved the speed of being on the ice in my wheel chair! Mom and dad didn't bring a warm hat or mittens for me, so I did get pretty cold after about an hour on the ice. Mrs. Jill from Bal Swan was there too, and she was warming my ears at the end.

It was also a time to meet friends. I got to hang out with my friend Keely!

It was my first time on skates, and I like it very much. We have to come back soon again!

Tomorrow, we're getting snow for Mother's Day...maybe mommy wants to go ice skating?

Love, Jacob.

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