Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It's me. Mom is busy biking and making sure sis and I get to where we need to be this summer. We are on the go a lot! Here is one tired mama.

I better give you an update before the summer is over...So, let's start with the good stuff. My summer is going by really fast. I am back in school with Mrs. Pries again. I love school, and making new and old friends. I have a great para  helping me with my school work, and Gemma is making sure everyone does what they are supposed to do. Sis also got to come to school with me. She will never admit it, but she likes coming to school with me. She thinks all of my friends and I are kind of cool as we all communicate with our talkers.

School is tiring though...I just had to take a nap!

There is no summer without the pool! I can't think of many better things than a big fun play date at the pool.

And lazy mornings with sis...

I am also pretty excited about my Father's Day gift this year. Take a look! I created my superhero dad with my foot and hand. I then used my talker to say how awesome my dad truly is. He was pretty excited about the gift.

But I am also really sad. My Libby is leaving for another job. We have spent the nights together for the last four years. She has taken so good care of me, and I am never alone as I am awake in the middle of the night or when I decide to wake up really early. She talks and sings to me, and she always, always makes me feel special. I will miss her so very much. Mom is saying we're all going to be "sleepless in Broomfield" for a while.

Our Mito community has also been hit hard lately. Mom looked so sad. Sis was checking in on my buddies several times a day. It made us all feel vulnerable fighting this devastating disease each and every day. My family hold me a little tighter as my buddies were fighting so hard. I think tonight we don't have a single friend in the hospital. Unfortunately that has been the rare occasion this year.

And with that, I am going to try to enjoy every bit of this summer. I have created my own bucket list for the summer with the help of Mrs. Brittany. I want to go to the movies, to the park, and I want to go out to eat. I want to spend as much time as I can outside, and I want to be on my bike. I also want to see baby Derek. I even throw in some homework into the mix. I better get started on my summer list.

Until next time!

Love, Jacob.


  1. Love the pictures Jacob! Praying for a healthy and fun rest of summer for you! Love, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda so much! I hope your summer is going well as well!