Saturday, July 5, 2014


I came home from the hospital in time for 4th of July. This is the first year I was participating in our neighborhood bike parade. I know you can't see it in the pictures, but I was actually taking a snoozer on the bike. I am glad daddy kept us on track.

4th of July is not just our Independence Day, it is also Selina's birthday. I missed her birthday party earlier this week, so it was extra special to spend her birthday with her. Look at her birthday sign!

We had fun hanging out in the garden.

We had a great BBQ, and look at the cupcakes Sarah and I baked and decorated for Selina!

I continued working on my bucket list this week too. I got to go to the movie theatre! We watched "How to train the dragon 2". I have read the first book, and watched the movie many times, so it just made sense to watch the sequel. Mom and Sarah were holding me, and we just had a big cuddle feast!

Unfortunately I don't feel so great tonight again. I am having a bad cold. I hope it doesn't mean another trip to Children's this weekend. Tonight and tomorrow will be telling. Keep your fingers crossed I can stay home this time.

Love, Jacob.

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