Monday, August 11, 2014


It's me. I love summer. It is the time of the year when I can get out of the house more freely, and spend time outside. Did I tell you I love to be outside? I love to be outside! Late spring, I created a "summer bucket list" with my speech therapist Brittany. Things I wanted to make sure I did before going in to 2nd grade.

1. I wanna go to the park.
Early summer we went to Wash Park with our friend Luiz. We had a great brunch together, and Sarah got to practice volleyball as mom and I were watching her play. I especially loved our walk around the park, and simply hanging with everyone.

2. Go to the movies.
My movie choices have been strange over the years. I got to watch "The night at the Museum" with one of my nannies who dragged Sarah and myself to the movie theater when I was only a few months old. I then got to watch the movie "Mamma Mia" when I was way too young to totally get the story, but it was great music and it was for mommy's birthday. This time, I picked the movie. We went and watched "How to train your Dragon 2". I have read the book, and now I got to watch the movie. We went early afternoon, so we almost had the whole movie theater to ourselves. I started out in my wheel chair, but most of the movie was just a big cuddle feast with sis and mommy. We all sat together!

3. Can we go outside?
My favorite place to be is outside. It doesn't matter if it is cold or warm, rain or sunshine - I like the outside. Here are a couple of pictures from being outside this summer!

4. How about some homework?
I do like when people help me with my homework.This summer, I went to summer school for five whole weeks. I was hanging out with Mrs. Pries and my great paras for another summer. I got to use my talker a lot more in class this summer, which was great. I made sure to make my own choices. Mrs. Brittany and I are also working on a book project right now. We are reading "Around the world in 80 days". I get to answer questions, and we are making this poster board together. I am showing it off to anyone who visits my room! I still have some work to do on this project, so it is good I have about two weeks before school starts again.

5. Can we go out to eat?
Last night, we all went out for dinner. We had the outside patio almost all to ourselves. I got to watch the sunset over the Rocky Mountains, something I don't do very often. I also got to taste some pineapple!

6. Baby Derek
I have a new friend in my life. It is nurse Gemma's baby Derek. I love to hang out with him. He loves to simply watch me, and check me out. I even get to act  like his big brother at times. I get to hold him, and help nurse Gemma out a little bit.

7. Let's go for a bike ride!
Despite the hot temperatures this summer, we have been able to fit in a few bike rides. I love to go on bike rides and feel my legs move. It is called freedom! I was even participating in the neighborhood 4th of July bike parade this year!

We did every single item on my bucket list! I liked it a lot, and I will sure make a new list for next summer break.

Here are some more fun things I have been up to this summer:

Running the Mito Epsilon Walk with my buddy Cal and eating ice cream afterwards.

Celebrating my friend Selina's birthday.

Watching TV in bed with Sarah.

I love visitors. My old nurse Libby came to see me.

Hanging out with my Mito buddies Cal and Andrew.

This pretty much sums up my summer. I have almost two more weeks off before school starts. I am hoping to still get in a few play dates, and going to the pool as often as I can. We're hoping to also make it to the zoo and the Berry Patch Farms!

Til next time,

Love, Jacob.

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