Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Mom has been slacking off with my blog lately. Instead she is spending any free time in our basement. Our basement is an oasis of gift baskets, wrapping paper, cellophane, gift cards, clip boards, and spreadsheets. It looks like a craft studio! It is time for Miracles for Mito's annual Silent Auction dinner in about a week's time, and mom is working on all those little details to come together.

Just because mom is busy, I didn't want you to miss out on my school start this year. Things are really going well. I have a great school team supporting me this year. My classmates are awesome. They are all pretty comfortable with me, and sometimes there is a little arguing about who is going to be my reading buddy for the day. That feels good! They are pretty psyched when I use my talker as well. I love when my classmate Lucy asks: "does Jacob want to participate?" There is of course only one answer to that question.

I have a beautiful very sweet teacher this year. My SSN teacher is new to the school, but I can tell she is excited to work with me. I have my cool OT Mrs. Peggy who is my most awesome partner in Specials. We are just rocking it in PE (Physical Education)! Talking about PE, Coach Mo makes PE my favorite subject. Who would have guessed? There is always a life lesson to learn in PE. Yesterday we learned about empathy. He has also proven to me there is absolutely nothing I can't do in his class despite my wheel chair. We just modify things a little, and I am right there with my buddies. Mrs. Katie works with me and my talker. She makes speech fun by always having me pick a friend to work with.

And then there is Nirma. I am one lucky guy to have Nirma all to myself at school. She helps me with my school work, and is there to help with whatever I need throughout the day. We are a good team. And let's not forget nurse Gemma. Mom would simply not let me go to school without her. She is mom's eyes and ears. She will make sure I stay healthy and safe at all times. It is just a little unusual for Gemma to not have to do everything for me. She often is more in the background, ready to jump in whenever I need something. She is pretty good at capturing pictures for my mom though. Take a peak at my school year so far.

Time for music!

Nirma and I in the gym.

People always think I have cool sunglasses on the playground. That Colorado sun is pretty darn strong!

Me and my friends. Recess is the best.

PE time once again!

Having fun in the classroom!

I am letting her win in Bumper cars...just once!

One of my reading buddies.

Mrs. Peggy is talking about what empathy means. She is a smart cookie (and a lot of fun)!

Apart from school, I am doing well. We have a nasty respiratory virus going around in Colorado right now that has landed many kids in the hospital. We're all fearing it's going to hit me, since the treatments for the virus is something I already have to do every day. I am already stuck with oxygen and nebulizer treatments, so not sure how my lungs would handle a virus like this. If we have to take a break from school to keep me safe, we'll do it. It's just that there is nothing better than school.

Sis is a busy bee. School, volleyball and friends are her life ingredients right now. She is playing on the school volleyball team, and she will play club volleyball this year again. I have to admit, she is pretty good with that ball. Dad is becoming a health freak. Mom was always the one running and biking, but dad has now joined her. They are doing a half marathon relay together in October. I hope to watch them at the finish line. Fall is coming to Colorado, and I love the cooler temperatures. Mom says Colorado fall reminds her of a good Swedish summer day.

That's it for now. I hope to continue to stay healthy and make more memories at school!

Love, Jacob.

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