Sunday, September 28, 2014


Grandpa was saying that he hasn't seen anything on the blog in a while. The reason is that things are good! We are in a good old routine right now. I am going to school four times a week, and I love it. The more years I spend at Coyote Ridge, the smoother the school start seems to be. More kids know me, and more kids want to be with me. I am simply having a blast! When I am not in school, I am busy with therapies before or after school. My secretions are at an ultimate best right now, and I can only hope it continues that way.

Today, I did something I haven't done in many years. I was up on 9,700 feet altitude, and I rocked it! I had no problem with the altitude in the mountain town Nederland. I typically seize at high altitudes, but not today. Yay for me!

We continued on to Estes Park for lunch and a stroll along the river. I had a great time enjoying the fall colors, and I hope we can make it up there again before all the beautiful leaves are gone.

And this is why we love Colorado:

 Sis and I are watching a movie together.

Dad & Sarah in Raymond.

Beautiful leaves somewhere along Peak to Peak highway.

Raymond, mom loves to bike here in the summer.

Sis and mom in Estes.

My beautiful sis.

Outside Nederland.

Mom & sis along Peak to Peak highway.

Love in Raymond.

Mom & dad.

Sis & I in Estes.

How is sis always getting a Starbuck's?



Happy fall everyone!

Love, Jacob.

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