Thursday, October 9, 2014


It is fall, one of my favorite seasons. I love fall weather. I enjoy the warm sun, the crisp air, and cool temperatures at night. I love fall clothes - sweaters, jeans, and boots. I love to lit a candle or two in the darkness of the evening. I love my hot drinks spiced with pumpkin. I love my house decorated in warm colors. I love our front porch being decorated by pumpkins of all colors. I love the leaves turning color. I love the smell of Sarah's baking. I love fall crafts. I love that we can do things a little easier as a family. Fall weather fits Jacob well, not too hot or not too cold.

Back at the pumpkin patch this morning.

Fall is also the time when Jacob typically starts to have trouble with his health. For years, Jacob struggled with uncontrolled seizures every fall. The last couple of years, Jacob has struggled with colitis. And the time has come once again. This week we seem to be facing the familiar ugly face of colitis once again. Tummy is distended, stool is loose and frequent, and it is hurting our boy. Jacob is on his second round of GI antibiotics in less than a month. If things don't improve, we will have to increase his steroids this weekend. If we can't keep the colitis under control or if Jacob shows signs of adrenaline insufficiency, we will have to take a trip down to Children's. We're hoping we are able to manage this at home, but only time will tell.

As I am worried about Jacob's tummy, I wanted to leave you with a special moment from today. Today, it was time for Jacob's parent-teacher conference. It was a good meeting, and it is the first time I have been teary eyed in a school conference. The kids who have been working with Jacob this fall all wrote him letters. This one is my favorite.

Dear Jacob,
I loved when I got to pick leaves with you. It was really fun when I cut out the leaves and made them fall. I really enjoyed it when we collected leaves together. I loved it when you were with me, and I would not let one thing happen to you, cause I love you, but only as a friend. Sometimes, I think what would happen if you weren't in my life. If you were really sick than I would ball my eyes out, if one thing happened to you. By the way this is from your friend Olivia to Jacob.

Sarah reading the letters to Jacob.

We hope we get to continue to enjoy this beautiful fall, and keep our boy home and healthy. I'll keep you posted...

Love, Maria.

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