Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today was another perfect fall day in Colorado. We decided to head to Cottonwood farms. This is a smaller pumpkin patch, and it is our favorite one. It is easy to get Jacob around in his stroller, even on the actual pumpkin field. Jacob just got a new larger stroller, so this is the first time he couldn't do the corn maze. The stroller is simply too big for the tight corners. Sarah and Joakim also got lost in the large corn maze...

Sarah in the corn maze! 

Jacob out on the pumpkin field.

So hard to pick...

Our selection.

Jacob having a good day!

Showing off the new cool stroller!


Two tired boys watching the Broncos game.

Our pumpkins will over the coming weeks turn purple. We have participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project to raise awareness for Epilepsy over the last couple of years. Jacob often struggles with seizures right around Halloween, so the timing is right for us. For now the pumpkins are orange on the front porch.

Jacob also talked himself out of speech therapy this week. If Brittany bikes with mom, she better takes Jacob too! Here they are on a bike ride around the neighborhood.

We love Colorado fall, and so far we have had a healthy fall! We hope it will continue this way.

Love, Maria.

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