Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I get this question multiple times every day right now. Friends and family know Jacob is home again, and are wondering how things are going. I wish it would be a quick answer of him doing well, but unfortunately the picture is a little bit more complicated than that. We are home and that is a huge relief. In a way I don't really want to complain or say anything about liquid massive amounts of stool, stool replacements, myoclonic seizures, cramps and pain before Jacob is able to go and the daily phone calls to Jacob's GI doctor. I think I need to officially introduce Dr. D. and his amazing nurse A. to Jacob's blog. They tag team, and without them we would not be home tonight, we would be back at Hotel Children's. It is definitely still a possibility if we're not able to get Jacob's tummy to slow down. GI told me tonight to bring in Jacob any time we can't manage this from home any longer. They know it is a lot going on...

I have to say in the middle of colitis, our boy is such a trooper. We have had many fun things going on since Jacob came home in time for Thanksgiving.

Watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving after a wonderful holiday at home.

Decorating his own tree.

Happy to be home decorating the whole house for Christmas!

Just because he is so cute...

Visiting with Santa from Westminster Fire Department. It was such a great visit!

 Sarah sitting on Santa's lap! This is a very special Santa...

Going places with nurse Shereen. Here they are out on one of many walks.

Baking Swedish saffron bread with daddy.

Yummy saffron bread!

Watching Christmas movies with sis.

Attending a Swedish Christmas candle light service in a beautiful church outside Longmont.

Lucia celebration.

Christmas craft time with his friends Selina and Leandra.

Relaxing after a day of baking and crafting!

Our goal is always to keep Jacob at home as long as he is medically safe. I think the pictures are proof that we do need to keep our boy at home for the holidays.

Love, Maria.

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