Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It's me. You haven't heard from me in a while. As most of us, my year was filled with both the good and the bad. I developed adrenaline insufficiency due to me being dependent on steroids for over a year. The steroids put my adrenaline glands to sleep. This is very dangerous when I get sick. My body has no way of fighting, and I will need high doses of steroids to compensate for my adrenaline glands not working. I got hit by adrenaline shock three times this year, and it made me very sick. My tummy keeps reminding me of what good days truly are. My tummy will decide how my day will turn out to be.
I lost my life time long nurses Libby and Gemma. It has been a big change for our whole family, and we are still looking for a second night nurse. Luckily, they come and visit me from time to time. They are here to stay in my life, not just in my daily life.
In the middle of me fighting the Mito Monster, I had a pretty good year. This is due to my village of family and friends making special memories with me. Do you want to come down memory lane with me?


My sis started playing volleyboll with Maxx volleyboll club. It was a great year for her to develop in this sport, and finding something she truly likes to do. 

January was a warm month. I took full advantage of my Christmas present and went on too many bikes rides to count them.

I turned 8 years old! My doctors predicted me not seeing my 4th birthday. I just doubled that number.

What a great birthday party!


I got to meet baby Derek for the first time. Isn't he precious?

My old nanny and friend Jac came to visit me all the way from Seattle. She is such a special friend to our whole family. I didn't know she sneaked a final kiss while I was sleeping...

We had visitors all the way from Sweden. The Family Gerdin came to visit us! 

Mom and her long lasting friend Mari. Mom was so happy to spend quality time with her.


Another warm month to go for bike rides with my friends Selina and Leandra.

I got to get some good kisses from their dog Duke too! 

Our cousins came and visited all they way from Sweden. Unfortunately, I was in the PICU the whole time they visited...sis had a great time skiing with them.


Happy Easter! I had a special visit from the Easter bunny this year.

Gemma came back from her maternity leave. I was so happy!


The annual Mito Walk with friends!

I got to go ice skating with my family and Mrs. Brittany! How awesome was that? I am hoping to go again this year.

I got my own zip line taking me from my room to my bathroom and to the stairs. It's a huge help for my family, and I like a comfortable ride through the upstairs of our house.

 We participated in Two Angels Foundation's annual bike ride! Mom was WAY too slow, but everyone cheered us on.

I had fun at school! See how hard my OT Mrs. Peggy had to work for us to win the race. She even borrowed my wash cloth to wipe off her sweat. I call that a true team spirit.

Nurse Brenda took me on my field trip to the Museum of Nature & Science. I do miss my Brenda.

My teacher Mrs. Rep & I.

Sis ended the year achieving Honor Roll. She is a smart cookie!


Summer break allowed sis and I to catch up on some cuddle time.

I am not proud of this, but I had a lot of fun exploring new words with my talker this summer!

Gemma and I went to summer school together.

I was lucky to have Mrs. Pries as my teacher once again.

I got to go to Wash Park!

Mom, dad and sis went to Breckenridge for a few days.

Mom completed her first Century (100 miles) ride! Yay mom!


4th of July bike parade!

I created my own summer bucket list with the help of my speech therapist Mrs. Brittany. I did everything on my list!

Pool time with friends!

Mom completed her second Courage Classic with Summits for Samantha benefiting kids like me.

Pool time with my Mito buddies.

Mom, dad and Sarah went on their first vacation out of State in forever. Florida was their destination. I had fun at home with my nurses who took excellent care of me.


More pool time before school started again!

All ready for 2nd grade! 


I went to the Wildlife Sanctuary for Memorial Day with friends.

School is the best!


I went to the Pumpkin patch a few times. My new stroller did a great job to get me through the corn maze.

We went up to Estes Park to watch the fall colors. I did great on high altitude.

We went to Chihuly's glass exhibit at the Denver Botanical Garden several times.

Mom and dad conquered a Half marathon together. They rock!

Halloween was all about the Minions!


We took a field trip to the Celestial Seasonings. How fun! 

I participated in my first school musical! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving at home after a longer hospital stay.

I loved being home to decorate my house for Christmas.


I got to meet Santa!

I baked with daddy.

I got to visit with all my friends for the school holiday party.

My nurse Shereen and I sported our Santa hats.

Our annual Christmas craft day!

We had a special visitor for Christmas this year. His name is Cinnamon. I love that little dog. We had  a full house celebrating Christmas Eve with us. Christmas Day we opened our gifts, and had a lazy day together. We all had a really good time.

Starting 2015, I am wishing for health and happiness from our house to yours. That is all we need. Love, Jacob.

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